Harapan Fian

Harapan Fian went to camp from January, 18th – 19th 2020. Harapan Fian invited children who live in Badran Village and adolescents in street situations.There were around 21 participants who joined our camp. The purposes of camping’s program are understanding children and adolescent’s situations and also making a lot of fun interaction with them. We got support from our two volunteers, Lista and Esti, who helped us to organize the camping. We stayed-cation at Villa Kampung Ayem, Yogyakarta. 

We went to villa by bus. We started the activities by making ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ ‘ rules. It was important so everyone can enjoy the camp without disturbing others. The Fun activities begin! Harapan Fian managed game activities with children, discussion for adolescents and campfire (sausage’s BBQ provided) in the evening. 

We started a discussion at 4 pm for adolescents. The participants are divided by two groups based on their ages and background. We explained that the discussion was a safe and comfortable place for everyone.  We started discussion about their economic situation. They were not satisfied with their income yet. Some of them have a plan to improve their economic situation. Second discussion’s topic is about reproductive health, how to build a healthy relationship with their partner, and parenting. Most of them were young adolescents who have been working on the street every night who had toddlers and babies. 

The next day, the participants played outbound games at 9.30 am after breakfast. Each team member was very enthusiastic and played water games. They joked and laughed loudly at the same time. 

Before going back to each of their homes, all participants played a short game to get many door prizes, such as snacks, many pairs of baby shoes, perfumes, and some pants. Everyone mentioned they were satisfied and very excited, it looked from their happiness expression!

They had a cheerful vacation, hadn’t they?