Our Beginnings

Harapan Fian is Indonesian for Fian’s Hope. Fian is the child of the first person we supported four years ago. Fian goes to kindergarten today and exemplifies what our organisation aims to achieve: supporting those in vulnerable positions and ensuring that they and their children have basic human rights to give them a good life. 

The roots of Harapan Fian trace back to 2013, when the group was an informal community coming together to support street children. However, in order to provide more support and better programs, the official organisation of Harapan Fian was created in August 2018.

Our Mission 

At Harapan Fian we believe that all people are entitled to a good life in which their basic needs are fulfilled. Therefore we are committed to helping vulnerable people in street situations. ‘People in street situations’ – or ‘orang di situasi jalanan’ is the Indonesian way of describing the urban poor and encompasses a large portion of Yogyakarta’s population. 

In recent years the Indonesian government has made life even more difficult for these people. For example, being homeless and begging are now illegal.

In Yogyakarta we have found that there are not many official or unofficial avenues of help for these people and that is why we feel we must help. 

Who we are

We have three permanent staff who are passionate about helping people in street situations.

Didin – Director

Firtya –  Program Manager

Rara – Community Organiser

What we have achieved

We are constantly working with individuals and our wider community to bring positive change to them. Here is a diagram outlining some of our achievements in the past year. You can read more in depth about our work in our quarter-annual reports on the Our Reports page.