Food distribution

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) hampers people’s activities including people in street situations. They have no choice but to work to earn daily income. They work as street musicians, angklung’s players (bamboo instrument music), and selling snacks on the streets. Many sellers also stay at home, because the stalls are prohibited to operate and there are no customers due to quarantine. 

Harapan Fian takes the initiative to spread information about “Open Donation” in early April. We get positive responses from various solidarity action movements both individuals and groups to help Harapan Fian’s friends. Harapan Fian begin distributing food boxes and groceries packages for people in street situations. We distribute food and groceries packages to Badran village children whose families work on the streets, teenagers who live on the streets, and residents who live at the Winongo river settlement, Suryowijayan.

Ahmad, a Suryowijayan resident who also coordinated the distribution of aid in his village greatly appreciated our works to support the lower class of society. 

“After the pandemic is over, I hope the government can make an economic recovery as soon as possible,” he hoped. 

The impact of the pandemic is not limited about food, but spreads various aspects of social life. Harapan Fian also supports street people by providing funds to rent a residence. Some of our friends have a risk of being kicked out from their residence because they cannot afford to pay.

Harapan Fian thanks to any parties that support our work. 

1. CIMSA UGM. Raised funds through 

2. Dapur Aksi Berbagi (DAB) supports food boxes daily and groceries packages three times from April to May 2020.  

3. Solidaritas Pangan Jogja (SPJ) gives 20 groceries packages in April to May and distributes food boxes in early June to mid June. 

4. Spilla Jewellery gives 15 groceries packages at the end of April, 

5. Individual donors. Pak Andrie, a lecturer from University of Cokroaminoto Yogyakarta gives 5 kilograms of rice and Ibu Nita, a lecturer from Janabadra University gives 6 bottles of hand-sanitizer and cash money Rp. 200.000. Ipul supports 45 packages of rice and fresh vegetables from his fundraising in mid May. 

6. At the end of May, Jajan Pahala Community gives 40 aid packages.