After all this time, Mustika Rani got her own “KTP” or citizenship identity card at the age of 20. Since childhood, Rani and her brother left by parents and lived on the street in Yogyakarta. Harapan Fian made first contact with them in 2013 and got along with both of them. Identity card is one of the obstacles for Rani. Without it, she  could not go to school, renting a place to live, accessing health clinics, etc.

Harapan Fian worked with Rani to get her an identity card. It required a long advocacy work (more than a year!). Harapan Fian had to connect several departments such as police, social department and Social Office and Population and Civil Registration Agency to get Rani’s case an opportunity at the court to obtain an identity card. Connecting those departments was just the beginning. Rani had to fill a bunch of forms and had to fulfill the requirement.

The biggest challenge came because the government gave an irrational requirement. Rani had to stay somewhere in a certain time (meanwhile rentng a place also required an identity card) and a family who was willing to be Rani’s guarantor.

After Rani was able to fill those requirement, Rani was summoned to a court to prove that she deserved to obtain an identity card.

Today is a big day for Rani. Finally, she obtained her own identity card. Now she can access public facilities, such as education, health clinics, and other governmental support programs. Rani has two daughters and lives with her partner.

Having an identity card will help someone like Rani who do not know or is not in contact with their family. By helping Rani to get her own identity card, we in Harapan fian hopes that we can not only support Rani, but the next generations as well.