Harapan Fian has four avenues in which we help street people. We work by listening to each individual’s needs and finding a way to help that is specific for them. 

1. Getting I.D.s

Helping people in street situations to get Identity Cards (Kartu Tanda Penduduk) is the most important and most challenging of our programs. Without an I.D., people cannot access public facilities such as schools, hospitals or even transport such as trains or planes. We choose to assist people in acquiring these I.D.s but it is very complicated. At minimum, it takes one year to help get someone an I.D.. But often it takes longer. 

2. Education, promotion and advocacy of sexual, reproductive and health rights 

As many street people don’t have identity cards, they are not able to go to the health clinic to have a check-up. Therefore a service we offer is accompanying people to the health clinic with our I.D. cards. 

We also hold educational sessions for people in street situations to learn about sexual, reproductive and health rights.

We have a program called “Posyandu Jalanan” to monitor health of mother and her children. Here is the module for Posyandu Jalanan that we have made. click here

3. Educating children

Without an I.D. card, children cannot attend school. Therefore one of our programs is educating these children through alternative ways. 

One of these ways is the Suryowijayan class, where we play and learn about a variety of different topics. 

4. Alternative economy 

We created Fian’s Market as a subdivision of Harapan Fian when we saw the need for alternative forms of employment for people in street situations. Fian’s Market is a place where urban poor can either sell their own products or participate in our sewing workshops.

We aim to create and sell trendy and affordable products that provide a fair wage to those who make them. Each product sold in Fian’s Market is accompanied by an information sheet, that clearly outlines the price breakdown, detailing how much money is for material, labour, packaging and how much money goes back into Fian’s Market for research and development.